IT Guy
Consulting Help
Test Plan:
You can't see the forest for the trees.  You need a set of fresh eyes.  Maybe you need a test plan.  Someone outside your core organization to test all the options.  We can help as we have done this before. 
New Computers:
Keeping up with the latest desktops, laptops, notebooks, modems, routers, printers, wifi, wireless, etc...  You know you need to update your computer(s) but you don't have the time to study all the options to make smart choices. 

We can help.  We don't make the purchases, but we can take you shopping, armed with an appropriate checklist. 
Vendor Evaluation:
Okay, you are not a computer expert but one is coming to visit you with their stock presentation.  How about having someone in the room who can decipher the technical jargon.  Someone representing you with an experienced, objective view, to help you make an informed decision.

We can help.  Many times we have arrived in advance of the presentation to make a list of questions for the new vendor.  After the presentation has ended and the vendor has left, all the options and features get an immediate evaluation, making the purchase decisions much easier.