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Microsoft Webmatrix is a free web development tool that includes everything required to create small and medium-sized web applications.  Everything is installed on a local PC during development.  When the site is ready for the internet Webmatrix has a single launch button. 

It is a platform from Microsoft aimed at providing a fast and lightweight way to develop dynamic web content.  "Dynamic - driven by a SQL  database."  This platform consists of many individual component parts that go together to create a complete web development environment.

Webmatrix comes standard with a HTML / CSS / Jquery editing tool, a compact SQL database engine, SEO evaluation tool and a launching helper.

The following is a Webmatrix developed site:

Thomason Company

Webmatrix - We here in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC metro area know about Webmatrix. It is new technology that brings the power of Microsoft .net framework to small business.