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eBay Got Hacked
The giant, on-line auction company got hacked. They compromised all 140 million accounts. If you have never done an eBay transaction there is nothing to be concerned about. However, if you have had an eBay transaction, Buy or Sell, you have a couple of issues. First, you need to login to eBay and change your current password, otherwise you may be selling stuff you don't own or you may be buying stuff you didn't authorize or you might find half your listings deleted. So, change the password. reported the damage last Wednesday (5-21-2014) to the national press. They suspected it all happened in February 2014.

So what's the big deal.

Here is the big deal. Many of us are very lazy about our passwords. We use the same password for many other accounts. The eBay hackers made off with every accounts name, mailing address, zip code, phone number, email address and password. So if your other accounts use the same email address for validation and use the same password as found on eBay you are at risk. How hard to you think it will be for the hackers to put your information in a list and run that list against a bank or credit card company. Your cash account can easily be compromised with a valid looking login. 

What to do. 

At a minimum, change the password to your eBay account and to any account you have that uses the same email address and password stolen from eBay for any account that involves money: Banks, Credit cards, Amazon, Stores.  

I feel your pain.

Eleven of my twenty-seven accounts got updated over the weekend.

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