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90% of smart phone apps are never downloaded. That's right, the iPhone / iPad store has more than 700 thousand apps available but only 10% get downloaded to someone's phone / tablet. In 2013, there were more than 30,000 iPad apps available in the education category. At 20 listing per screen .... you do the math. 

So you are sure your business needs a mobile app?

Maybe you do need a mobile app or maybe you need a mobile website? It's becoming more obvious that a mobile app and a mobile website are two different products.

A mobile app only works on a particular kind of mobile phone. The problem, there are 5 mobile platforms in the market. Who do you ignore?

A mobile website works on any device that has a browser: phone / tablet / laptop / desktop. The problem, the browser may not be able to use the unique features of a particular phone. Another problem, some phones are "smart phones" while others are "feature phones". 

What to do. 

We might need to chat about what you are actually trying to accomplish with a mobile presence. Mobile seems to be everywhere and sounds easy enough, but it's not, there are a dozen variables to consider.

Want to see a mobile website in action: 

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