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SEO Basics
When you do a Google search and see the results page, about 35 choices, the 25 sponsored link ads get picked only 20% of the time. However, the other 10 choices, the "natural order" results, get picked 80% of the time.

So what does that mean?

When people do a search they want to find results that are exactly what they need, right now! They want to go immediately to a link (webpage) that has that information. They need relevant results from their search. They have discovered the sponsored ads get immediate placement on the page but not because they are relevant to the search. They are on the results page because of one keyword match and the advertiser has paid (out bid other advertisers) Google for that spot. 

So how to get found on a search engine?

If you have a website that you don't promote or don't advertise or don't have relevant content and still want people to come and visit, you have two choices, neither are free. You can buy a spot on the results page and be one-of-25 or you can add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods and techniques to your webpages to be relevant to searchers and therefore have a prominent "natural order" place on the page.

What to do. 

We might need to chat about what you are actually trying to accomplish to get found. Searching happens more often on a mobile device than a desk device. To drive traffic to your website you can budget as little as $20 per month to as much as $2,000 per month for SEO services or buy sponsored Pay-per-click ads starting at $125 per month - with an introductory promo code. Just know that Pay-per-click (go to your webpage link) is a moving auction / bid price environment. When you are out bid by another advertiser, you don't pay but you don't get listed.

Next time: After you are found.

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