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Getting Found
The best reason to have a website is to get found by people needing what you have to offer. Back in the day, and I'm experienced enough to be able to say that, websites started out being an extension of you and your personality.  A way to publish your thinking. A way to bolstering your identity.  It was all very self-satisfying.  You had a website and it was all about you, your images, your likes, your concepts.  Times have changed and all that personal content has moved to where it belongs, social media.  Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Angie's List, Yelp, and dozens of other social media sites have totally replaced the "old school" website as a way to express yourself.  

So what does that mean?

It means that a small business has to be on the web to get found. When people do a web search they want to find results that are exactly what they need, right now! They want to go immediately to a webpage that has that information. They want relevant results from their search.  

Ok ... you just got found ... a miracle for sure … now what?

Now your work pays off if you understand that the same want is waiting to be satisfied. The searcher is hoping to see or get relevant information, be it images, text, video or all the above. Your site has to be, professional, easy to understand, easy to use, right on point and easy for them to take an action (buy or contact you), else it is back to the search engine to browse for better information. 

What to do. 

We might need to chat about what you are actually trying to accomplish. Getting found via the web is a bit of a project but converting a visitor into a customer is the name of the game.

Next time: 

Matching search keywords with your web content.

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