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Search Keywords
The best reason to have a website is to get found by people needing what you have to offer. Today the entire web search industry is about matching search keywords with webpage content. Should you look into it, you will discover "Content is King". You will also discover that all found web pages focus on the customers needs, not on the search engine needs.  

So what does that mean?

It means the content: words, pictures, video, titles, alt tags, meta tags and about 10 other places within your website, all need to be described with the words that get entered into a search box. The search process seems simple. A searcher visits a search engine, enters search words and receives results. Understanding how your keywords and content are aligned will help bring more visitors. More visitors means more customers.​

What to do. 

​We might need to chat about what you are actually trying to accomplish. Getting found via the web is a bit of a project but converting a visitor to a customer is the name of the game.
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